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The IndoorWalker:

The Indoor Walker is a new designed elliptical training mashine, which gives you a total new walking feeling. In professional cycling it is called the "round move".

In indoor walking the movement parts in: Push forward - press down - pull back - move your heel up.

This is an harmonic movement like nordic skiing which train argonists and antargonists at the same time and balance your body.

This basic movement works togehter with the upper body. The arms work natural diagonal and push and pull too for a balance between forward body and back.

When you offer nordic-indoor-walking courses in your studio, in short time people love this movement of the IndoorWalker and it will be the most popular mashine in the cardio area too.

The controlled movement of arms and legs, the pushing and pulling gives an own motivation. The Nordic Walker ist a cheap possibility for the cardio-area too with better training results!

The IndoorWalker is built 100% Made in Germany.

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